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About James

James has a very thorough understanding of what it takes to learn the guitar, mainly because he’s been through it all himself. From endless hours of practice to the classic case of being ‘stuck in a rut’, he can relate to any stage of your guitar journey. James’ philosophy is to find your own relationship with the guitar, and decide where you want to take it. Practice becomes all worthwhile when you experience those unbelievable moments that music can create. 

In his hometown of Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, James and his friends obsessed over music from a young age. At the age of fourteen he joined various established bands with skill levels much above his. He formed his trade striving to be like the musicians around him.

At age eighteen, the band ‘Blackjack’ was formed. With James at the helm, the band went on to headline many successful UK tours and music festivals. Playing to people in the thousands was a truly remarkable experience.

After the band went their separate ways, James decided to focus on his playing ability and knowledge of the guitar. He turned to renowned guitar tutor ‘Jimi Savage’, who guided him through his grades with the University of West London.

James has great belief in the grade program set up by the University, as he has first hand experience of just how successful it can be. It truly helped him thrive as a guitarist.

James’ true passion for sharing knowledge has lead him to become a registered tutor with the University. He can now guide students to a healthy and happy guitar life, in which they gain worldwide recognized qualifications.

So why in Indianapolis? Well you’ll just have to book a lesson and find out!

Our Team

About Ian

Ian is not only a fellow Englishman but a fellow Geordie (From Newcastle). We actually grew up playing music together! He now lives in Indianapolis and has joined the JK Guitar team. He is a brilliant musician and an even better person. Get booked in ASAP! 

Ian was brought up on AC/DC, Ozzy and a lot of rock ‘n’ roll blues. He picked up a guitar in his teens and like a lot of us, he fell in love with expressing his musicality and feelings on an axe collection that will always grow. Don’t let Ian fool you though, He’s also a huge musical theater fan and has the voice of a psycho-Angel.

If you’re beginning to fall in love with the guitar and want to start knowing how to sound good on one, Ian specialises in this.

“When I started getting guitar lessons in my younger years, my favourite thing was always being there with my teacher (Joe Pinder) and being in that shared environment with a strong passion for music and guitar. It’s wonderful to be excited about something and then find others to share that excitement with. It’s all very exciting! I learned so much about guitar and music in general in those lessons so cheers Joe.”

“Here’s your first lesson: If it sounds good, feels good. It is good.”

Our Team

About Andy

Andy lives and breathes music, and has done since he was very young. He first picked up a guitar at the age of fourteen where he fell in love with playing bass and the way it holds a live band together.


After joining his first band at seventeen, he went on to become a touring musician, traveling across the UK and Europe in everything from headline tours to festivals, and now plays in hard rock band, ‘The Treatment’. Andy has a wealth of experience as a live musician, and is able to support you with learning what goes into a live performance, real world experience playing, and getting ready for the stage.


Andy is passionate about all genres of music, but his speciality lies in rock and metal. His belief is that you should find what you love about playing and pursue it, and is able to help with not only playing songs, but also understanding the theory that underpins them in order to write your own.


Currently residing in Newcastle, UK, Andy offers online lessons to support you on each step of your bass guitar journey. Get in touch!


What our clients say

Ron Godman

I've been playing guitar for years, but lacked direction when it came to actually understanding how to play the music i hear in my head. James' aproach to theory is like finding the keys to the kingdom! His teaching style is straightforward, patient, and encouraging. Hes a truley gifted musician who truely loves bringing musical understanding into others lives ALL HAIL THE SHANKS!!!

Mark Elrington

After playing guitar for quite a long time I began to feel stuck in a bit of a rut. I contacted James and after one lesson he pinpointed some areas I could work on to freshen up my playing and gave me guidance/ exercises in doing so. James really helped reignite that spark that made me want to learn guitar in the first place. Would highly recommend!

Benjamin Marcus

There are plenty of good guitarists out there, but James is an excellent teacher. These lessons include a lot of ACTUAL playing. You can learn songs on your own, but I would highly recommend lessons with James if you actually want to learn guitar. I've always felt at ease with James, he's very kind and patient, but thorough- what else could you ask for in a teacher? From learning to play three chords with quality tone and sensitivity to nerding out on endless scales and progressions, he's the guy to go to.

Louise Barron

James is a fantastic guitar teacher- the best in the area! I would recommend to anyone- whatever level. When I started off with lessons with James I was worried as I had no experience at all- however he made me feel really at ease and I was shocked with how much I learnt in just that first lesson! I didn't even have a guitar but it wasn't a problem- James had guitars there for me to play. He will not only will get you to the to the strongest place in guitar you could be at, but he will do it with prestigious qualifications from London- as well as the care and time that it may take to get you the top.

William Morris

The best teacher I have ever had period, worth way more than I pay. He takes all the confusion out of learning music! He is the Bob Ross of music!

Karen Newton

James is an awesome teacher. I have worked with others in the past and since I've met James my playing has improved greatly. He is gifted musically and also has the talent to teach. Quite the right combination!


What our clients say

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